After last night’s thrilling Super Bowl comeback, most people are able to say that Tom Brady is the greatest player of all-time. Last night, he also won his fourth Super Bowl MVP, and looking at his stat line, it could make sense. He had 466 passing yards, 43 completions, and two touchdowns. He may have had a great game, but James White was the real MVP of this game.

James White has just finished his third professional season with the New England Patriots as a running back. He has not been their go-to running back this season, only getting 39 rushing attempts the entire season and no rushing touchdowns.
Even in the Super Bowl, his dominance was not on the ground, but through the air. He had six rushing attempts in this game, which was good for 29 yards and two touchdowns, one being the game winning overtime run. He had 14 receptions in this game, picking up 110 yards and getting one touchdown.

He was the target for about one third of Tom Brady’s completions. Tom Brady recognized the game that White had, as he said that White should have been the MVP of the game.

This is not the first time that Brady said that another one of his teammates was more deserving of the honour. At the end of Super Bowl 49, Brady won the MVP award and decided that Malcom Butler was more deserving of the award. Butler was the cornerback who intercepted the ball on the goal to seal the victory for the Patriots. Brady later gave him the truck, and we may be seeing him do this again very soon.

White’s contract will end at the end of next season, and if he can build off of this game throughout next season, he could be expecting a nice payday. He may not be back with the Patriots as they will also have to re-sign Brady after next season.

At the end of the game, the odds-makers gave White and the Patriots the highest odds to win with 7/1 odds, and the Falcons following up with 12/1 odds as the Patriots will look to repeat as champions.

James White is most likely not concerned with all of this right now as he is still in celebration mode after leading the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl Championship.