Taking a risk is a key part of trying to win a championship. Sometimes they will work out, but there is a good chance that it will not. Phil Jackson, of the New York Knicks, took a risk this past offseason when he traded for Derrick Rose. Rose was once one of the best players in the NBA, winning the MVP award in the 2010-11 season, but injuries have plagued him ever since.

Going to the Knicks was supposed to be a fresh start for him. Jackson was hoping that he would be able to play up to his old standards. This; however, has not been the case.

He has been averaging roughly the same amount of points-per-game that he has been in the past three seasons and has not been able to push the Knicks over the edge. He is obviously not the only one to blame for their poor season, but he also has not helped much.

Not only has his play been sub-par, but he is also struggling off the court.

On Monday night, the Knicks were playing against the Pelicans and Rose was slated to be the starter for the match. When warm-up started and Rose was nowhere to be seen, the team was starting to become concerned. They even sent someone to his apartment to see if he was there.

Meanwhile, Rose was back in Chicago with his family and he did not notify the team until after the game. There have not been too many details that have been released on the story, but they all seemed to be in good spirits the next day. Rose was fined by the team for missing the game, but will be starting the next game on Wednesday.

It is understandable that Rose is having family issues. It cannot be easy to be away from your family for extended periods of time like that. Although, this does not give him the right to do what he did. If any normal person did not show up for work, they would face the risk of being fired. If there was a family emergency, he should have called the team before leaving.

There are other rumors going around that he is not getting along with management and that is why he left. If this is the case, it is still unacceptable behavior. He is not always going to like his boss, but he must be able to deal with it in a normal fashion.

Perhaps if he is having problems with the team and being away from his family, he should take some time off from basketball. At this point he is becoming a distraction to the team, and the numbers that he is putting up do not make him worth it.

Phil Jackson needs to realize that his risk did not pay off and now he must figure out what he can do to try and fix this issue.