For some reason, whenever a team loses a game, people need to find a reason or a cause for the loss. This is the case for the loss that the New York Giants were handed in their playoff matchup with the Green Bay Packers. The reason for their loss, according to many people, is something that is being referred to as “boatgate”.

For those of you who have somehow not heard about this, some members of the media and fans are blaming the Giants’ loss on the fact that the wide receivers went partying on a boat with Justin Bieber the Monday before their game.

The fact that people are blaming a loss to a very good team on something that had happened six days prior to their game is mind blowing. The only reason that something like that would affect someone six days later would be if they had gotten injured. From what I understand, there were no injuries and they were just celebrating after the season.

It must be incredibly frustrating for the Packers to be hearing these excuses, since they played a great game. If someone truly wanted to make a reason for the Giants’ loss, it could be because the Packers played better than they did. Unfortunately, there are not too many great storylines behind something like that.

Some people have been saying that the pressure was weighing too heavy on the shoulders of Odell Beckham Jr. and that is why he had an off game. This was his first playoff game and he is clearly a very passionate person. He was most likely just putting too much pressure on himself to get his team the win and a very good team stopped them. The hole that he punched in the wall goes to show just how passionate he is about winning. He will be more prepared for the next time he plays a playoff game, since he now has some experience.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have been on a roll to end the season and they have become the team to beat in these playoffs. The Packers will be facing the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday and that will be the game to watch this weekend, with two of the best teams facing off.

It is time to stop reading too much into things. If those pictures on the boat had never surfaced, then some other ludicrous excuse would have come up. Why is it so impossible to just accept the fact that the better team won this game?